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Check out these Pictures!!!

New York City
Steve- bow   Jessica Hsu
On Stage NY
On Stage NY- Mark Cohen Bow
La Vie Boheme ( Jim Poulos and Chad )
La Vie Boheme ( Robert Glean & Chad )
On stage ( finale b )
On Stage ( finale b )
On Stage ( finale b )
On Stage ( LVB)
On Stage ( LVB )

Second City AIDS Benefit- By Jaime K.
Cary and Chad
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4
pic 5

Chad Performing Live at Holy Joe's
The Candles and Lights ( oh, and chad )!!!
Chad after the show
Chad chatting with the audience
Chad singing (1)
Chad singing (2)
Erin Cater singing
Erin and Chad
Chad with Adam after the show
Same pic, from a different angle

Chad Performing Live at Rivoli

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The Legends of Brud/Two People
The Legends of Brud Advertisement
Two People
The Legends of Brud
The Legends of Brud - Inside
The Legend of Brud - Inside

The Rideau Center Performance
Chad during "What you Own"
Chad and Dean Balkwill
Chad during "RENT"
Tricia, Chad and Melanie!!!
Isn't Chad a cutie?

The Eaton Center Performance
Chad at the Eaton Center Performance  Hilary
Chad and Luther  Hilary
Chad and Luther *my personal favorite*(2)  Hilary
Chad and Luther (3)  Hilary
Chad and Luther (again!)  Hilary

Opening Night in Ottawa
Dominique, Cary and Chad!!! a suit!!!

Chad as Mark Cohen
Chad in Costume
Chad in Costume (2)
In Costume: Chad, Krysten and Luther  Mike Rubenfeld

Mark Cohen
Angel (Jai Rodriguez) and Mark
Roger (Luther Creek), Angel and Mark
Mark and Roger (Luther Creek)
Roger (Cary Shields) and Mark
La Vie Boheme
Toronto RENT AD
Toronto Personal AD ( MARK )

More Pictures... Chad at Planet Hollywood ( Vancouver )  Jessica Hsu
Planet Hollywood (2)  Jessica Hsu
Planet Hollywood (3)  Jessica Hsu
Chad in Vancouver (press photo)
Chad's LAST RENT in Canada Bow  Jessica Hsu
Charles, Cary and Chad at Virgin Records  Jessica Hsu
Chad Black and White (1)
Chad Black and White (2)*this will be improved soon*  Jaime and Sadie
Chad backstage  Elizabeth
The Sexy Southpaw Trio  Lori
Chad( Bay Ad )
Chad and Cary ( Bay Ad )
Chad and David  Mike Rubenfeld
The Blue Jay's Game: Chad and Karen  Mike Rubenfeld
Just Chad  Mike Rubenfeld
Eaton Center  Mike Rubenfeld
Chad and Limo...  Mike Rubenfeld
Chad performing at Tower Records   Sherri & Brooke
Tower Records...I wish i had been there!!!  Sherri & Brooke

Stalker Pic's ( aka Candids )
Chad Talking to Fans  Danica
Royal Alex Stagedoor  Jade
Chad signing autographs  Jaime
I'd like to add that i like this jacket!  Jaime
After the last show...  Jaime
Chad and Tamara!!! ( this pic will be fixed soon )  Jaime
Chad and fans  Lisa

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