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“There’s a wonderful innocence about him, there’s a great idealism about him, you can see a beautiful generosity of spirit about him and an openness when he sings which he does so beautifully with his own band.” ~Michael Greif

Page Updates: Click Here to listen to Chad's "Will I" solo or Here to hear his "Squeegee man". There are a few new pictures on my Picture Page of Chad on Stage in NYC. AND...I've finally organized my articles!!CHECK IT OUT!! I have a bunch of GREAT interviews to add to the page. I hope to have them up soon! -Jess

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Hsu
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Two PeopleThe Legends of Brud


[Articles] [Sounds] [ Interviews] [Links] [Pictures] [2People][The Legends of Brud] [e-mail me]

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